EVolutionS - Breakthrough Foundation
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About This Project

In 2016 Breakthrough brought together an international partnership to build knowledge and expertise around European Voluntary Service. The project was made up of two parts, a contacting making seminar in September and a training course in November for mentors both in Orvelte.

The seminar aimed to create an inspirational learning space for exchange of experience and good practice. Its main aims is to support organizations in developing a trustable network for future cooperation’s in the field of European Voluntary Services and to support quality of EVS projects through supporting EVS coordinators. ­

The objectives were…

  • To provide a meeting point for organizations to exchange information, to support contact and cooperation between organizations, to establish international partnerships
  • To understand the concept of EVS and the learning dimension of EVS service.
  • To raise awareness of the learning dimension in EVS and provide tools for learning support
  • To promote implementation of EVS projects. ­ To create an inspiring learning environment for EVS coordinators for sharing good practice, inspiration and motivation
  • To strengthen competencies of EVS coordinators (both professional and personal)
  • To improve capacity of practical realization of EVS projects in the frames of Erasmus+ and to provide up ­to­ date information about the Erasmus+

Since the end of the project several of the participants have already begun developing projects together for future collaborations.